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Connecting to the spirit world has always been part of my life. I actually felt closer to the world of spirit than the realm of the living. I was born into a family of psychic mediums. It wasn't something to be feared, but it also wasn't readily discussed due to the stigma of the time period. 

As part of my spiritual path, I have been called to act as a channel and conduit to help those spirits whom have not transitioned into the light, often referred to as earthbound energies, to fully transition and find peace. As a result, the living find peace who may be experiencing activity in homes or businesses due to unsettled spirit beings.

I prefer to work remotely to clear locations. If a site visit is required, that will be determined at the time of the service. Energy knows no boundaries; therefore, this work may be accomplished by remote access. I employ several techniques to accomplish the clearing/crossing work. I have spent my life in the study of all things metaphysical and this is the work that I am most truly blessed to do in this lifetime.

Spirit is always around us. Loved ones, pets, guides, our higher power. We are never alone. Usually, the love of the spirits around us fortify and wrap us in a warm blanket of God's light. When we do encounter those misguided beings who did not transition into God's light, it is important to move them on and help them find peace. That is my purpose and calling for which I am truly grateful. 

Disclaimer: All readings and services rendered do not replace the care of a qualified medical or psychological practitioner.

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